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"Denise has designed two homes for me and is absolutely outstanding at what she does. She helps from the design stages all the way through to the finish. She has a great spatial eye. She makes several recommendations during building that both the architects and I agreed with and incorporated. She then recommended unique, design touches including beautifully carved doors and cabinetry to distinguish my home from the typical mode. The finishing decor that she brought in tied it all together. Again, all things very unique, hard to find pieces that make my home "mine". Literally every person that walks into my home loves the "FEEL" of it and 8 years later, I still do! On top of all that, she was the one I trusted with my landscaping and she did a beautiful job! I have learned that someone with the spatial, visual talent is a treasure. I have recommended Denise to several friends."

Suzanne DeVries, Huntington Beach

"Denise Hamilton has been my designer for close to 20 years. She has helped me design two of my personal homes and several of my investment properties. She has also helped my Children with everything from decorating their first little condo to designing their outside living space. Honestly, she can do it all. Her taste is impeccable and her eye for making every space special is a gift beyond compare. Denise also completely understands her clients. She is able to create a living experience that will reflect your lifestyle, personality and taste. The only complaint I have is that I have grown so dependent on Denise. I reach out to her on every little purchase I am about to make. Good thing she is not only talented, but she is also timely. She gets back to me immediately to make sure I don't make a mistake. And in the event I do make a mistake, she is right there to help me fix it!"

Pam O'Neil, Coto de Caza

"I, Linda and my entire family are so grateful to you for making our house so beautiful and a comfortable place to live in. We always receive great compliments from everyone, I really mean EVERYONE who visits our house. I've worked with many other interior designers in the past but none of them come even close to you. Your dedication, hard worrk and creativity are second to none. You are simply the best! Besides your skills and hard work, you are a so genuinely kind hearted person. Linda never fails to praise you. You have not only improved our lives, you have become part of our lives for the last 15 years. You have not only provided great services to my family but my employees as well. You have designed such a beautiful place to work, and have made my employees more happy and productive. You are my designer for life. I and my family will continue to work with you indefinitely. Denise, once again thank you very much for your impeccable service and dedication. We greatly appreciate it. God Bless you and your family always. "

The Suyantos, Coto de Caza

"My husband and I have worked with Denise for nearly 20 years. Many times I have wondered what we would have done if we had not found Denise! When we built a home from the ground up, Denise was an integral part of helping us design our house. Her knowledge of construction and interior architecture and her ability to draw and space plan distinguishes her from the other designers. She presented her ideas and designs to us in hand drawn elevations making it easy for us to visualize the final outcome. She also added invaluable recommendations for our landscape. I always had the sense that she was treating our project like her own and that she would never compromise just to get the job done. Many times during the construction phase of our home, if we ran into a problem that caused the work to stop, Denise would drop what she was doing and come over immediately to solve the issue and get everyone back to work. I have always been amazed by her high level of service and care. Her attention to detail, unique and creative ideas, and dedication truly added to the successful outcome of our projects."

C. Streufert, Coto de Caza

"Denise was instrumental in the initial interior planning and design of our home. She worked with the architects, contractor and sub-contractors directly. All her ideas and designs were presented to us in hand drawn elevations where it made it easy for us to visualize the final outcome of each and every room in our home. She worked on the entire electrical and lighting plans with thought put into every detail. It's not something that you would think is that important, but she planned them in places that would be underneath furniture. Everything was done to conceal the unattractive and the value is now realized. She balances rooms with furniture, textures, stains, paint and accessories. She also balanced our home with a formal yet comfortable and inviting feel. Her ideas were creative and individual to our style of living. Building a home can be a very overwhelming endeavor. With Denise's assistance we were able to work through the tough decisions with options and recommendations that ended with a home we truly enjoy. "

M. Radel, Rancho Santa Fe

"My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Denise Hamilton initially on our home project. She wowed us with the before and after pictures of her other clients' homes. We wholeheartedly put our faith in her talent, and she did not disappoint us. She does not only excel at interior design, but she revamped our entire outdoor living space as well. Our front yard beaconed and welcomed our guests with timeless elegance. She transformed our backyard from a simple and plain, rectangle shaped lot into a gorgeous, heavenly oasis where we could entertain our family and friends. Denise created a home for us where we could lose ourselves at the end of a long, hard day. 

Next, we invited Denise to assist us in the 10,000 square feet expansion of our corporate headquarters. She was instrumental in maximizing the functionality of our usable space, and she maintained a hands on approach throughout the tenant improvement process to ensure our company was able to continue with our daily business while we built an enhanced work space for our team. As a result, we are proud to showcase our office space to both business partners and new clientele. 


Denise is a true professional with attention to every detail. She has her clients' best interest at heart, and she will not hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure that you are happy with her creation. With Denise by your side, she will bring your vision to life." 

Helen K. Chu, CEO, Century Business Solutions

"When we purchased our 2nd home my brother insisted we call Denise That call brought her into my life and changed the way I now see homes and designs. Denise is the sweetest person and her ideas and vision is like no other. When we purchased our beach front condo in 2017 in Carlsbad, I only wanted to share the good news with her and not imply for her to design it as I know how busy she was at the time. I was so relieved when she asked me if I’m going to let her design it. I couldn’t believe it! She took the time and did the most amazing job and designed it as if it were hers. The energy and enthusiasm she invested in this project came out breathtaking. When my husband and I first saw it we couldn’t believe it was all ours. It looked as if it were a modeled home being shown to potential buyers. She truly cares about her work and most importantly her clients.


Today, we are currently working with Denise on a major kitchen remodel. She checks in with me and my contractor. In other words, she makes sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. That is how involved she is. Once our kitchen remodel is complete we are hoping to expand our upstairs with the help of Denise. Once you have Denise involved in what ever project in your home or business it is hard not to have her involved in all your future projects. She is unique and has an eye for design that will guarantee to impress you. Denise is all about what would make sense and how you would benefit should you decide to sell in the future. She will not disappoint you and will always have your best interest in mind."

Michelle and Eric Vanhorn

"I met with Denise Hamilton after seeing the job she did on a friend’s house. We have lived in our home since 2001 and we were looking to update. We started with a kitchen remodel that Denise designed for us. She worked seamlessly with our contractor which resulted in my dream kitchen. From there we rolled in to the family room, dining room, living room, powder room, guest room and master bath. Our home has a traditional look, but we wanted to streamline and modernize without loosing that warm feel. Denise Hamilton Design was the perfect choice. Denise was thoughtful in her execution mixing new pieces with items we already had. Denise’s sense of color and fabric selections are spot on every time. Our home now has a cohesive feel with a color palette that flows from one room to the next. Working with Denise is a friendly, collaborative experience. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the results."

Christine and Tony Digiovanni


"Dear Denise, 
As Terry and I embark on our new life as full time RVers, we wanted to thank you for helping us enjoy our home and our offices in Orange County. It's been 20 years since you were referred to me as "the best color designer" around, and you've proven that to be true many times for us. From designing our new home in Newport Beach to staging it for sale, your work is timeless and always spoke clearly of our taste and personality. To think of what you might have done if we had not had such a strict budget! We were so thrilled that you did the space planning, project management and decor of our new offices. Everything turned out better than we had hoped. Please feel free to use Terry and I as references at any time. We are blessed to have had you in our lives." 


Terry and Linda Lovett, Newport Beach

"Denise has worked on numerous projects at our home. We absolutely love all of her designs. One of our favorites is the custom outdoor gazebo she designed for us! It is exceptional! From her drawing to the completion, everyone loves the finished product."


J. Kraft, Rancho Santa Margarita 

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